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We try to source locally whenever it is possible. We offer local options in all staples (bread, milk and eggs are exclusively local, as well as butter, cheese, yoghurt etc.). Our buying choices are guided by quality and locality despite the cheaper alternatives offered by national operators. We have 25 producers within 10 miles, 41 producers within 30 miles and 63 producers within 50 miles.

Here we would like to praise some of our local producers who supply us with some truly delicious wares.


Angel Cottage Farm,
Fifehead Neville

Producers of organic, ethically raised tasty chickens. Only a small number of Organic Free Range Chickens are available each month. They are a French breed called SASSO Farm Ranger and are one of the most suitable for free-range, organic table chicken production. They like to roam far from their coup – hence their name. The meat is firm textured and traditionally flavoured.

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angel cottage organics


Sweet Almond Chocolates,

Hilary's hand-made chocolates are divine. Seasonal fruits and cream are sourced locally, the raw chocolate is Belgian.

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Truly Scrumptious,
Donhead St Mary

AIF creates recipes and muses upon food, life and everything for the local must-read The Donhead Digest.

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Iylett's Farm,
West Bourton

David Barton grows our seasonal fruit and vegetables. He is open to suggestions and will plant and grow things we think you might like.

We have had his delicious asparagus already this year but the bed is coming up to maturity in 2012 so look out for it.

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Iyletts Farm

Keystone Brewery,
Berwick St Leonard

Alasdair and Charlotte Large brew some amazing Award-winning bottle-conditioned beers, which are unpasteurised,unfiltered and not otherwise messed about with.

The Brewery has a sound ethical base too, sourcing locally and sustainably.

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gold spice beer

Buttercup and Daisy
Ice Cream, Wardour

Buttercup and Daisy produce delicious, old-fashioned, creamy ice cream with wonderful tasty flavours from their organic herd.

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more Local Foodies soon...

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